The World’s Top 10 Fitness Blogs
Here you’ll find the top 10 fitness blogs in the world. Rank is calculated based on a combination of how much traffic a site receives, and how many social media followers (Facebook and Twitter) the brand has.

Top 10 Fitness Blogs Ranked

Rank Site Name Traffic Twitter Followers Facebook Likes
#1 Roman Fitness 185.65m 101k 110.9k
#2 Fit Bottomed Girls 90.68m 89.6k 183.1k
#3 Yoga Dork 269.38k 101k 11k
#4 Lift Like a Girl 213.89m 11.4k 65k
#5 Breaking Muscle 2.57m 18.4k 414.7k
#6 Born Fitness 154.72k 104k 37.8k
#7 Tony Gentilcore 139.92m 29.2k 15.8k
#8 Girls Gone Strong 165.94k 16.7k 260.1k
#9 Nerd Fitness 3.74m 24.5k 96k
#10 Bayesian Bodybuilding 90.6k 4.3k 27k

How Sites are Ranked

Scores are ranked based on a calculation using a combintation of monthly site traffic (using, Twitter followers and Facebook follwers. Site traffic is not used as the only and or most important indicator. For example, a site that is ranked higher than another may have lower monthly traffic but a larger social media following.

Please keep in mind that this site is mostly for fun as well as to highlight great fitness content for those who might be looking to learn more. Site accuracy is a focus though, so if you feel there is a site that belongs on this list, please email me:

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